Accept WHAT IS


“Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you’re just a reflection of him?” 
Bill Watterson

Your degree of acceptance of WHAT IS, is reflected outward and FELT within WHILE PROJECTING SUCH. At that very moment, truth of WHAT IS, for you, is what is being felt. This level of acceptance is truly unconditional, and felt that deeply as well. You will always…remember that feeling.

Do not deny when you are in “lack of acceptance”. BE IN that as it is WHAT IS , for you in that moment…and FEEL that as being a witness to the response to your energy…remember that feeling….

These feelings are also unique to YOU…each Being…has their own codes…their own “timing”, to advance and activate new sequences, in this lifting of your energetic bodies.

Be aware of the reflection in the puddles at all moments…then walk beyond each one, and take what nourishes…..leave the rest with gladness and gratitude, for both what is given and what is lost.


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Closures’ Serenity


“Until we heal the root cause of our suffering, and awaken to our true nature, our inherent confusion will continue to manifest itself in the world around us.” 
― Joseph P. Kauffman
The Answer Is YOU: A Guide to Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Freedom

We have walked beyond our awakening. The year has given us plenty of room to finish falling, if we so chose such.

Looking back is simply us projecting extremes, in which we filled in the blanks. Illusions were brought into form from this view. Therefore, we kept creating new illusions, through old patterns, to clear through, to get to the root we so desperately tell ourselves we are trying to reach, yet are too busy in Maya to let go.

For me, a very distinct moment triggered the beginning of a completion of a cycle of healing.

The scene was a child, telling an adult, they will “miss them”, when they leave. The adult turned around and said.,.. “I have never been told that before in my entire life”.

I cried….on the spot….and then… for many days…each time I felt the texture of being “missed” and not being missed, I felt the wholeness of that knowing. I realized I had discovered a missing piece and in reaching this awareness, the entire despair lifted and that which has been healing…became whole enough to BE HEALED.… was so huge for my Soul and my heart…In that moment I saw through the illusions’ core. We are able to see great distances, while deeply present.

“There’s a trick to the ‘graceful exit.’ It begins with the vision to recognize when a job, a life stage, or a relationship is over — and let it go. It means leaving what’s over without denying its validity or its past importance to our lives. It involves a sense of future, a belief that every exit line is an entry, that we are moving up, rather than out.” 
― Ellen Goodman

Such a simple knowing, it’s elementary indeed, at this stage of our life, is in the simple honest response to what is presented, that completions can become.  This power is supernatural feeling. It’s been there this entire journey, this graceful exit from the story, simply waiting to be discovered, and as always…accepted. One word, action, response later…and it becomes manifest for you to embrace and become in awe with, as you watch the illusions that surrounded your story fade away.

True endings are reconciled within the unity of the heart/mind. Closure feels loved here.

What is…is a huge statement that takes a lot of courage to stand in honestly, and live in…in its entirety….

My intent was set this year to “cut to the core” this despair and this eternal repeating pattern of clearing. This was an internal drive to sharpen the lens in which I kept viewing the wounds and viewing my responsibility to them. Truly, I have no recollection of anything deeper than this desire for change…for this entire year has consumed me in this process. I walk from this “time” on the calendar, very removed from the old process of clearing as I experienced the closures of a life that simply has been balanced, in the knowing, and the accepting of that knowing.

What will you do with your new found knowing as this New Year rises?

Thank you for visiting, and sending the love and support. I hope I have been a light for you as well.

Merry Christmas all and may your New Year be ILLUMUMINATED with the Abundant Blessings of your desires.

“The dazzle of illusion, even when we see through it; the ways in which we entangle ourselves, the ways in which we work free-
How do we get to change?
When all is said and done, it seems a matter of grace.”


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Bending Defeat


“My optimism and confidence come not from feeling I’m luckier than other mortals, and they sure don’t come from visualizing victory. They’re the result of a lifetime spent visualizing defeat and figuring out how to prevent it. 

Like most astronauts, I’m pretty sure that I can deal with what life throws at me because I’ve thought about what to do if things go wrong, as well as right. That’s the power of negative thinking.” 
― Chris Hadfield
An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

The echo, of your own voice, over and over…will conclude defeat, and in itself, the argument will defeat itself, for the ones still standing, their ultimate victory, was to simply take another breath ….

“I’ve always believed that the only defeats and victories that matter in life are those you lose or win alone, against yourself.” 
― Mihail Sebastian
For Two Thousand Years

“Driving out through the windmills

And some of them were still

Sometimes it’s hard to catch the wind

And bend it to your will”

” Lay Me Down CSN




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Healing Illusions


“We create the illusions we need to go on. And one day, when they no longer dazzle or comfort, we tear them down, brick by glittering brick, until we are left with nothing but the bright light of honesty. The light is liberating. Necessary. Terrifying. We stand naked and emptied before it. And when it is too much for our eyes to take, we build a new illusion to shield us from its relentless truth.” 
― Libba Bray
The Sweet Far Thing

Choices were made every day, using our illusions.

We then chose to clear the dust of the past and sharpen our vision.

The completion of clearing your past, does not remove it…or you from it…

We are placed in our presence.

We witness that place where “true sight” of our “true nature” makes sense of our choices that brought us to HERE.

These revelations change the patterns of how we viewed our past choices.

Placing all thought, response, and observing into the power of LOVE before any expression or action, will shift you immediately into a deepened Presence of yourself.

It is amazing what the might of unconditional Love can do.

What you cleared away to see…are many choices, that were illusions as well.

We created, while asleep, for the experiences the Soul indeed desired, for this Journey into Elucidation….the illuminating of our best laid plans.

Trust that this Love will help you fall to your knees a bit softer….Namaste’

“One sometimes weeps over one’s illusions with as much bitterness as over a death.” 
― Guy de Maupassant
Une vie


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Awakened Choices


“Remember seeker, our earthly perceptions of reality are just an illusion.” 
Earthschool HarmonyBack To Grace: Spiritual poetry and reflections

We become dormant in our awakening….. We blend into our lives with enough illusion to keep us busy…

In a world, where we can be anything we want to be, where we have a multitude of choices always…. Feel the power of Love and BE KINDNESS in action.

“The shaping of character mimics the smallest detail of habit; humans are creatures that learn from observation. Each little thing you do, and each thing you allow yourself to become desensitized to…. matters. They create you—whether you know it consciously or not.” 
Grace SaraAwakening in the 21st Century: Surviving a Spiritually Dormant Society


is deep, is consequential, is SOMETHING that comes before the next step…and all are a sacred look and choice to see it as such…see different the way of outcomes becoming…clearing comes to completions…..our wholeness being different than before the clearings started….so wholeness changes as we step from old skins…. 

 Each day you become stronger in seeing through these things that now are so far removed…we suck on bones until we are done…you will know this by how you keep going to one specific wound. It feels good to touch it and know it and you are shown how desperate the mind is to recreate anything that will produce the endorphin exchange…for reaction in density…to create an itch for your response…if you change your response….it must obey… being the energy of emotion response….

 Remember….you must expand this choice just like all your choices…

What you wish to imagine to an outcome is delivered to you… what you nourish it with is what it will follow…

You choose to relive the pains of relationships and you expand it open to that dog eared page…indeed….

It works very well…. right?

SEE……every time…you expand your choice…. to a comfort zone

Yes its hurtful and such but even hurt is comforting when it’s what you are conditioned to accept….and expect.

So the comfort zone is not’s painful but you know it up close and personal…


As you come into your own knowing, you create in your truest comfort zone…the zone of Unconditional Love, where action is taken in Faith, and expressing is in Acceptance….to your new awakened choices.

Spirit speaks clearly that new choice points are presenting in our MANY WORLDS at this time. We have elevated our consciousness to these new choice points, now that the healing of woundings have completed. It is truly a new Light to see with, once we stop focusing our eyes and hearts on past wounds…once we accept that the past no longer vibrates. It’s really that simple…(lol)

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Ambidextrous Failure


“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. ” 
Coco Chanel

Fearing failure, by restricting our perception … we are refusing to look at the true nature of ourselves. We find fault in our failures…..

Failures are ambidextrous… they are deceitful and highly skilled creations …. Failing is not an end…it’s just a bend…where your perception and response is offered a choice.

 “Memory can change the shape of a room; it can change the color of a car. And memories can be distorted. They’re just an interpretation, they’re not a record, and they’re irrelevant if you have the facts. (Leonard Shelby, Memento)” 
― Christopher Nolan

 There is a fact that can be illuminating….

To imagine such feats of overcoming these self-made obstacles…brings a shiver to the Soul…wanting more of this expansion…….more of this freedom. We have a responsibility here. We no longer lack consciousness of our thoughts taking action. The things we fail at most, are those things that we refuse to accept are not to ever be aligned to our path. We need not drown trying to receive the impossible…save it for the next life…lightly…

“All this has been created from self-fault and self-imagination!” 
― Dada Bhagwan



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“Let yourself disappear in the darkness; if you are loved, people will come and find you with torches in their hands! Love is a great searcher; it always searches the loved one! To see who really love you, just disappear!” 
― Mehmet Murat ildan

 Elucidation =…Bringing Clarity..ILLUMINATION…to the meanings…the facts….

Allow yourself to be exactly where you are and let life meet YOU…TEACH YOU, and be ILLUMINATED IN YOUR PRESENCE….

“Knowledge without Truth is information without illumination and it’s all like icing without cake, can be sweet, but it ends up making you sick.” 
― Kingsley Opuwari Manuel

 “Oh, captain, why these speechless seas
That never seem to land?
Oh I need to understand.
Could a little light be that bad?”…. CSN….Shadow Captain


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“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.” 
Suzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games

Do you truly trust all that you BELIEVE you have seen and heard?

Is your focus calibrated to higher potentials and realizations?

You come to the softness of disappointment, once you accept fully your responsibility in the betrayed trusts you experience. Every experience is a stitch that brings the wounds together for healing. Disappointment is a long deep breath…in between each stitch….

Acceptance truly hurts here…yet…that’s all there is to hold onto here…that and FAITH…that disappointment is the balm for the Soul while it weeps its heart dry…..

“later that night
I held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered
where does it hurt?

it answered
― Warsan Shire


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